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Combustion engines

Combustion engines are the focus of research of the Argomotive GmbH Institute for Efficient and Environmentally Compatible Drive Technologies. They shall be improved in future such that the pollutant emissions decrease steadily but the efficiency increases in parallel to it. In-cylinder as well as post-engine measures are optimized. Current analyses and experiments deal with the development of carburation and combustion procedures, investigation and improvement of engine components as well as with the evaluation of alternative drive concepts. Especially, the evaluation of alternative fuels (natural gas, hydrogen, biogenic fuels) plays an essential role.

The Argomotive GmbH offers its customers the following service modules:

  • Literature and patent search
  • Market analyses & benchmarking
  • Conception
  • CAE-aided development
    • Virtual development and testing of drive components and drive systems
    • Virtual development and testing of operational strategies (energy management, driving performance etc.)
  • Carrying out of engine endurance runs
    • Wear and erosion testsOil consumption measurement
    • Emission evaluation
  • Component test
    • Individual components and ancillary units
  • Optimization of engine components